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About Us

Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Meredith, the sole operator & waxing technician at Magnolia Waxing Studio.

My business is a comfortable home-based salon specialising in ladies waxing services. Because waxing & tinting are the main beauty services I provide, you can be assured that I do them well!

I passionately believe in the benefits of waxing ~ I've been waxed since the age of thirteen. My mum discouraged me from shaving, saying "once you start you'll have to do it for ever". I'm grateful for those words of wisdom, and I'll be passing on the same advice to my two daughters when they're old enough to care about hairy legs!

I decided to open Magnolia Waxing Studio because I saw a need in our community when I realised how difficult it was to find a "waxing lady" I felt truly comfortable with. As a mum of two (at the time... now a mum of three!) I was also seeking an opportunity to work from home around my family. So, this was the perfect business for me!

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